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Curtis Taxidermy LLC

‚ÄčCurtis Taxidermy LLC is here to assist you with taxidermy needs 

I've retired!!!!  Sometimes we just get old.

I've cut back to doing just antler mounts and Euro mounts.

Taxidermists..."good taxidermists," do more than simply mount critters and take your money. At Curtis Taxidermy LLC, I am never satisfied with any taxidermy project until the customer is satisfied. Since every creature is unique, each and every mount I do gets the attention it deserves. I strive to bring alive your special mount so that you may enjoy it for a lifetime. 


You will absolutely love the work Curtis Taxidermy LLC will do for you.  All mounts are considered trophies no matter the size or species. The smallest buck on my wall has the best memories; it's truly my trophy.  

Specializing in affordable, yet stunning rustic country-style antler mounts using my very own unique rope technique- the Curtis Wrap TM