Curtis, Idaho Merriam Turkey

Another Swede Nelson Idaho bull

Idaho pheasant

Steve Weeks' 2016 Idaho Whitetail

Dawn Ring and her 2016 Idaho bull

Swede Nelson Idaho Shiras bull

Swede Nelson Idaho bull 


Don Strong

Idaho Shiras bull

Another Volk special, Idaho Whitetail

2016 Idaho Whitetail

Curtis, Yellow Perch

Curtis Idaho bull 1976

Pete Volk, Idaho Shiras bull

Dawn and Marty with Dawn's first Idaho Whitetail buck. 2016.

Curtis Idaho buck 2009.

No more chicken eggs for this guy.

Tim Davis Washington buck

Muley sheds from Bill Samuels.

Curtis Taxidermy LLC

Idaho Mallard

Pure poetry!!!  Whitetail sheds from Bill Samuels

Idaho wolf kill , Swede Nelson 2016

The Art of outdoor life

Upgrade from a 1960s look to the Curtis Wrap TM.

Pete Volk, Idaho Whitetail.